Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I don't know if anyone else has seen these yet, but I have found some absolutely gorgeous covers I would like to share! Oh, and I am in no way sure if these are the final covers or not. Sorry;) 

*all covers are linked to GoodReads' pages fyi:)



Don't you just looooooooooooove some of these amazing covers? I do! Especially the ones for Rival, Steel, Unearthly, Tempestous, and Desires of the Dead (its pink)!!!!

And like I said, I have no idea if these are final covers so I'm very sorry if I get your hopes up. I'm pretty sure most of these covers are Harper Collins Canada so who knows they might even be different in the US? :)


prophecygirl said...

Oh wow, how exciting! I love all those covers, but I think Darkest Mercy and Tempestuous are my favourites!

Melissa Marr said...

Please remove the Darkest Mercy cover as that is NOT the final cover.



Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

Ohmygoodness the Melissa Marr's cover is stunning!

Anonymous said...

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