Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blech...With a side of amusing...

Noooo! School. :(
(Don't worry there's a reason I'm posting about it, I'm not just trying to torture you by talking about it!)

So for this coming school year I have a hard schedule, at least in my opinion, here it is:

AP US History (AP stands for Advanced Placement, and they are really hard college courses! On the bright side you do college credits for them)

Honors American Literature (Honors classes are advanced but you don't get college credits for them)

Honors Algebra II (On the bright side, at least I don't have to do Geometry Proofs anymore!)

Biology (Uhhh, I cant think of a bright side)

Spanish II (Absolutely no bright side!) :(

Advanced Journalism (Class that puts together the Yearbook and the School Newspaper) ( Yearbook= :) Newspaper= :( )

But anyway, my AP and Honors Lit class are blocked, which means they have a similar curriculum so they teach together, and I'm scared, because I'm guessing they're mean, because they already gave me Homework! Gasp. The Audacity! I know right! And it wasn't even a little homework, I'm talking this...They already gave me two textbooks, ten worksheets, two books to read (not fun books, 1800's boring books- not to say all old books are boring, but these ones are), a letter of introduction, and there making me read the first 3 chapters of my AP book, and I'll be tested on it first week of school...Evil Teachers! (Not to say all teachers are, but these ones are)

Anywho, I decided to write my letter of introduction today, and I think it's pretty funny, here's the link to it...
(P.S.- after first page and a half it stops being funny...)(Actually, re-looking at it no one will probably find this funny, but whatever....

Okay so I still have to start putting my reviews up and start doing my memes but it might take a little while longer because I have to get all that stuff done, and have time to read my books...

Stay tuned for awesome...

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