Thursday, August 27, 2009

Recommendation: The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever
By Sarah Dessen

Summary (from Goodreads):

In The Truth About Forever, when asked how she is coping with her
father's death, invariably seventeen year old Macy Queen's answer is "fine," when nothing could be further from the truth.

In actuality, she is drowning in grief while maintaining a flawless fa├žade of good grades and unblemished behavior.

Though she feels lost when her boyfriend heads to "Brain Camp" for the summer, she finds
herself a job with the quirky Wish Catering crew, and meets "sa-woon"-worthy Wes, whose
chaotic lifestyle is in direct opposition to her own.

As the two share their stories over the summer, Macy realizes she can no longer keep her feelings on ice.

Though it feels like her future ended with her dad's death, Macy's learns that forever is all about beginnings. Dessen charts

Macy's navigation of grief in such an honest way it will touch every reader who meets her.

All of the Dessen trademarks are here: a girl in transition, a wonderfully fleshed out cast of secondary characters, and of course, the luminous, powerful writing itself.

From What I Can Remember:

*This was my first Sarah Dessen novel, and it started my love affair with all things Sarah D

*Dessen created a character so incredibly relatable, though I could not relate with her experiences, her take on everything was so undeniably relatable!

*Wes stole my heart in this book, it was one of the first books that the romance in it just took me to another place where I didn't want to leave. (If that makes since)

*This book was heartbreaking, and raw, and funny, and far surpassed any expectations I had going to it! (Truthfully I actually didn't have any expectations going in, but nonetheless they would have been surpassed!) :)

*I did not like Jason one bit, he annoyed me from the get-go.

*I wish I could be apart of my own "Wish Caterring Crew"!

(Sorry, that is all I can remember)

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Cover Comments: I always thought this cover was so visually entertaining, one time in English I just sat there and stared at the cover completely enthralled. (I had finished the book and had nothing else to read.) :) (4.5/5)

Overall Rating:

Would I recommend this bad baby? Ugh, Yeah! I think it is every avid readers right-of-passage to read atleast one Sarah Dessen novel. And while there are many wondrous Dessen novels to choose from, this one I hold particurarly close to my heart!

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