Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Can't Wait...

Okay, so a couple of days ago I saw this post over at the Book Blogger that she had got her new layout by over at Simply Vamptastic Reviews for Free(!), and that the first few people to contact the owner of Simply Vamptastic will make free layouts for them to build up her profile. So naturally I contacted Denise, (the owner), and told her I'd be interested in a layout, because let's face it, my layout is kind of lame.
Recently, Denise sent me a preview of my new layout, and let me tell you it is gorgeous, I LOVE IT SOSOSOSOSOSO MUCH! Don't believe me, well take a peek for yourself:!

Just looked? Don't you love it!

Ahhhhh! Can't wait until its up for good!

UPDATE 8/20: Please do not click on that website link anymore, because that is the home to Denise's new project link....and even if it's not yet, you are just going to see the same layout you see right here Silly!

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