Friday, September 4, 2009

About Me

Greetings Readers,
First off, if you do not know already my name is Dani.
I am 15, and currently a sophmore in high school.

At a young age I found the love of my life- reading!* As a young child I loved to read. At each stage of my childhood I can recall my favorite books. Being as young as I was when I first started reading, I only enjoyed them because of the adventure, and how much fun they were.
Now, reading also means something more to me. Reading is also my escape. Anything that was bugging me in the real world I could tune out with a great book. A book provides a realm of endless possibilities, and is the ultimate escape.

There was a time period when I turned my back on reading. It wasn't because I didn't like it, it was more that I couldn't seem to find a book that kept me interesting.
Well, I don't know if I was in denial or something, because I currently have hundreds of books I want to read. Yes, I have been bitten once again by the reading bug and am now 100% smitten with the world of books.

At the current time, my love of books is aimed at the YA area. Actually, around 9 years old I started to turn over to the YA books. That is not to say I don't enjoy other genres of books, because I do.
MG books are usually more of my guilty-pleasure reads, but I still find them "pleasurable" nonetheless. :)
I also occasionally read a promising adult book, but usually these are recommended to me by an adult. I tend not to stray into this area as much, but from time to time I will find a promising enough adult book.
Overall though, I am a YA kind of girl! Hence the name "YA All the Way."

One day, I hope to find a career that lets me be involved with the wonderful world of books. My dream would be something along the lines of publishing. For now though, I am happy enough to just be a YA fanatic!


*Some where down the line, I might have a real, live, boy to be the other love of my life, but for now its reading. :)

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