Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Waiting on....Blog Stuff?

Ahhhhh! I've been absolutely terrible at posting reviews and well basicly everything else! (Basicly they're non-existant)
My AP Homework has been eating away at my insides and my brains and I can't do anything that requires me to think, sadly not even review books! :(
But... I am almost done with my homework, but by then I'll have to start school and get back onto schedule
(by the way i highly recommend you to not wait until the last two and a half weeks of summer to finish the ginormous pile of homework that is due first week of school) Dang you Procrastination!
But... (this times it brings good news) once school starts I will definately start posting more reviews. I'm promising atleast 2-3 reviews per day, and all the fun book memes that goes with them, until I catch up with all the books read before started blog! Oh and I will start up a bunch of memes and challenges I've been wanting to do!
So basicly you are going to have to bear with me until school starts because AP homework sucks the life out of you!
But if you ever need to know anything about America/Europe up until about 1800, I can tell you more then you will ever need/ care to know! :)

So until the start of school...

P.S.- I update my contests list on my side bar everyday (because its the only thing I can do that doesnt require me to think) so you can check that out for cool contests! :)

P.S.S.- Did I have a lot of smiley faces in this post, or is it just me?

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