Saturday, August 22, 2009

USvsUK: Elsewhere

And another cover meme...
US vs. UK is a meme hosted over at Wondorous Reads. Basicly the title is self-explanatory, this meme is one designed to show US and UK covers of a book, and decide which one is better.

And now for today's contenders...
(Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin- US vs. UK Hardcover vs. UK Paperback)

On the US side...

On the UK side...


Also on the UK side...


My Pick: I don't think any of these covers are truly fitting of the book. But if I had to pick, and taking in the creative format of each one, my order goes as follows:

1.) UK Hardcover (now that I think about it, this one actually is fitting, the binocular-look out things, what are they called?, were in the book, and even without that the cover just looks really cool!) 4.5/5

2.) UK Paperback (while it may not fit the book per-se, I like the looking out at the ocean feel) 3/5

3.) US Cover (I like the snowglobe, but I just don't think it's fitting of the book) 3/5

Now that you've seen my pick, Who do you think won the Battle?

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